Lee-Ann Palmarozza Murder Case: Boyfriend Peter Roberts Denied Release

More developments have been made in the Lee-Ann Palmarozza police case. She was a South African tourist, staying at the Anahita resort with her boyfriend, Peter Wayne Roberts, a well-off businessman, who was later arrested. The latter affirms that they had had an argument before he later found her dead body. He presented in court yesterday (14.01.15), and was not granted release in spite of his request.

Recap: Boyfriend Peter Wayne Roberts arrested

Lee-Ann Palmarozza was found dead in the swimming pool of the Anahita resort on the 29th of December 2014. Her boyfriend, Peter Wayne Roberts, an affluent businessman from South Africa, with whom she was to spend her holidays in Mauritius, asserts being the one who made the macabre discovery. He was later arrested, being the main suspect in the murder case.

Peter Roberts in Mauritius, at his first court appearance

The Mauritian police force is currently looking into the matter. Additionally, a team from South Africa is soon to travel to Mauritius.

The couple argued prior to her death, according to the boyfriend

Peter Roberts had explained to the police that he had had an argument with his girlfriend, alleging that the latter thought he was cheating on her. He added that she was jealous and possessive. He related that she had even slapped him. He had then left her by the pool around midnight. Shortly afterwards, he could not find her at the villa and set out to look for her, to ultimately find her body in the swimming pool.

Peter Wayne arrested and denied release on caution

The request of Peter Wayne Roberts to be released on caution was rejected by the court. He had presented in the tribunal of Flacq yesterday, 15th of January.

Results of second autopsy

A first autopsy was performed by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin who concluded that the victim succumbed to asphyxia caused by drowning in the swimming pool where her corpse was found. He had also noted several ecchymoses at different spots on her dead body, including at the level of her head, neck, arm and belly. Furthermore, according to his report, Lee-Ann Palmarozza had a bleeding at her belly.

A second autopsy was carried out by Dr Satish Boolell. The latter has provided many explanations as to the cause of the ecchymoses.

The wounds that victim Lee-Ann sustained might have been caused by blows and other injuries.

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