Lucien Finette Leaving The MES

Lucien Finette, the director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), has confirmed having received a notice from the authorities to leave his post, on the 7th of January, at around 16h50.
lucien f.
Lucien Finette affirmed that he does have regrets in leaving the position that he holds dear at heart, adding that it will take him some time to detach himself from the MES, and to mourn his departure. However, he also said that he respects the decision of the authorities, and is leaving without harbouring any bitterness.

He has also deemed it necessary to state that he has always worked for the good for others, and that he is always there when needed.

He had previously said that he would like to finish certain projects that are underway before leaving, and that were he called to execute them before, he would do it.

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