Mass Killing of Mauritian Stray Dogs: Act Now To Save Our Animals

The Mauritian government’s decision to catch-and-kill beach stray dogs has met with quite some opposition from members of the public. Already, more than 3 000 individuals have signed a petition addressed to the Prime Minister to put an end to this cruel act.
save beach dogs

Photo credits: PAWS Mauritius

The shocking news that the government is going for a mass catch-and-kill to get rid of beach stray dogs is all over online social networks, as hundreds of Mauritians are coming out to denounce the decision.

The methodology to be taken will involve catching the stray dogs from beaches. Thereafter, they will be given 3 days where individuals wishing to adopt them and care for them can intervene. After that, they will be killed if noone comes forward. Therefore, one way to saving them from being killed is to go for adoption.

It is undeniable that our country is plagued with the problem of stray dogs all over the island. However, can this justify the large-scale murder of living creatures? Is there no other way out? Can the catch-and-kill strategy serve as solution for us humans when it is, in its very nature, inhumane?

Mass sterilization & not mass killing

Over the years, many complaints have been filed concerning stray dogs. Moreover, foreigners have also deplored the state of the stray dogs which are said to be ill-treated and left to starve. Undoubtedly, one way to go about this predicament would be to call for mass sterilization so that stray dogs do not reproduce uncontrollably.

A petition is currently being signed by Mauritians to appeal to the government to renounce to take to their “solution”.

A Facebook page has also been created to raise awareness of the current situation to urge more and more people to sign the petition. The hashtag #SaveOurBeachDogs is now trending over online social media.

Dog-lovers or not, we cannot stay insensitive to this, can we?



  • The campaign of `catch and kill` has existed since approximately thirty years. So, what has not worked for thirty whole years , how come it will work now!!!!! There are other solutions! Mass sterilization is one of them and has proved its worth in countries as big as India. By carrying out the process of mass sterilization , at least the dogs would not reproduce leading to an increase in the number of stray dogs although they are not adopted! Act now! `Catch and Kill` is not the solution.

    • Dear ???
      Well, i’m not from Mauritius, but it did not take me that much time to figure out, why it hasent been working, for “30 years”, as you text.
      We’re talking about BIG incompetence, from the people, who should have done this job, strong words yes, but nevertheless, that’s the truth.

  • Well, you’r giving the answers by you’r self in this article, mass sterilization ! But what about after this, you will still need someone to take care of these street dogs, leading to this simple question, will you be willing to adopt one of these existing dogs ? Well i have to say that i allready know the answer, it will be a big NO !

    • Agree with you and most Mauritian exaggerate about this. I was looking at their posts, comments and everything, must say, they are only showing off but doing nothing than posting posts on Facebook to prove government and it’s services bad. If you’re against it, so please adopt these dogs or try to contribute and make an association for these dogs.

      • The picture is the same all around the world, people seems to be very good at showing off, but when it gets to the point, no’one is willing to do what it takes.

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