Mauritius Airport: 4 Kg of Drugs & 2 Guns Discovered in a Package From South Africa

The Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) has had its hands full lately. Its officers have intercepted a number of illegal goods, including 5 containers of jam in which around 4 kilograms of illegal drugs were hidden, as well as two semi-automatic guns.

The officers of the ADSU have opened an investigation to trace back traffic of weapons and drugs originating from South Africa.

It all started when a package which arrived in Mauritius from Johannesburg via an express courier of the South African Airways was examined by police officers of the ADSU and customs officers of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). The package was addressed to an individual of South-African nationality in Mauritius. After it went through some analysis procedures, its suspicious contents were found: it contained 3 containers of fruit jam of brand Hugo and another two jam containers of strawberry flavour, of brand All Gold. 4.78 kg of drug, all of which is worth around Rs 2 million, were found in the 5 jam containers. The deputee Commissioner of Police, Choolun Boyjoo, in charge of the ADSU had given the green light to open the boxes. Two semi-automatic guns were also discovered in one of the boxes and other strange objects were detected. One of the guns found in the fifth box was a PA 63 one, and another was a Pietro Baretta. 17 bullets in total were also found.

Thereafter, an operation of controlled delivery was mounted. Officers of the ADSU changed into the uniforms of the employees of the express courier company and prepared for the delivery of the package at La Gaulette.

However, the operation had to be annulled; the name of the recipient found on the package was a fictitious one, and even the phone number provided was unreachable – the phone was probably switched off.

The investigation continues though. Officers of the ADSU intend to find out the owner of the SIM card whose number they found. The South African authorities are also to be informed of the happening.

The objects found have been sent to the Forensic Laboratory at Reduit today itself (29.01.15). Ballistic experts will now examine the guns, and any fingerprint spotted will be taken.

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