Scammers Using Mauritius Ministers Name To Offer Fake Job Promises

The government has issued a warning to the public yesterday, informing of individuals robbing from people with the excuse of recruiting employees. Furthermore, the con men have been fooling the gullible people, coercing them to believe in their words, by mentioning the names of ministers.


Minister of Labour, Industrial Affairs, Employment and Training, Soodesh Callichurn, has warned the public in a communiqué issued yesterday, 29th of January, against crooks who are swindling money from Mauritians.

The strategy of the con men is to make lofty promises of employment to individuals and mentioning the names of ministers and other members of the government to make their claims sound more credible.

Minister Soodesh Callichurn has advised those who have been looted by these swindlers to denounce the latter. He also added that it is indeed illegal to demand money to recruit employees or to ease a recruitment procedure; this rule includes foreign recruiters as well. Anyone caught doing such by the authorities will be prosecuted.

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