Mauritius NCG Officers Displeased With Spending A Week on Île Plate

The National Coast Guard (NCG) of Mauritius has a renewed shift system – a new schedule that has many of the officers displeased.


Flat Island

According to the shift program of the NCG, officers now have to spend 7 days on Flat Island instead of the usual 4. Staying on the islet for one full week has not been an idea unanimously welcomed by all the officers.

Sergeant Jaylall Boojhawon,demands that this regulation is annulled given that, in his opinion, the conditions of living on the island are deplorable. He has denounced the new decision that was taken by the commander of the NCG just a day before the expiry of his contract. He has affirmed that the one-week stay on Flat Island has caused much frustration among the officers, highlighting the lack of hygiene and clean water there.

On Radio Plus, yesterday 28th of January, Sergeant Boojhawon argued that the project entails a great wastage of resource since the islet is not found much far from the NCG located at Grand-Bay.

They thus request the authorities to review this decision so that the officers do not have to spend a week on the islet.

It is to be noted that sergeant Boojhawon is also fighting for the setting up of a syndicate for police officers.

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