Mauritius NIC Biometric Data To Be Destroyed

According to Lexpress, the destruction of the biometric data that had been gathered last year to issue new biometric National Identity Cards will be done once some formality measures are taken care of.
Fingerprints not needed to establish ID
The biometric National Identity Card (NIC) has been the subject of much controversy ever since the ex-government hinted at its application. Until now, a large portion of Mauritians have not gone forward to have theirs made, firmly believing that no such need as to document the fingerprints of each individual exists and that this would only be infringing upon their privacy and freedom. Now, to their relief, the new government has executed its electoral campaign promises to destroy the existing information that was previously gleaned relating to the biometric NIC. As such, those who have not already had their biometric NIC will not have to go through the procedures ever.

The authorities will soon get rid of all the biometric data. In the meantime, technical aspects of the huge task to be done are being assessed. The information stored is currently being segmented. It is only the part that consists of fingerprints and biometric photography that will be destroyed, with the aim to protecting such personal information of the citizens.

According to Lexpress, the security measures will have to be reviewed before going for the deletion, while care is to be taken so as not to damage the card.

After these details are sorted out, a date will be scheduled for the destruction of the biometric data.

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  • May I suggest that these data do no consist in any manner the violation of one’s privacy or constitutional rights but could be very useful in the following manner.
    1) Fast, quick and accurate identification of any unidentified dead person.
    2) An intelligent software can developed for “Remote Identification using Mobile technology”
    This will certainly be a “Premiere” in the Southern Hemisphere and can certainly be used in the undermentioned ways.
    A driver be requested to place his finger on a Device, the fingerdata will be sent over the air to the Traffic Branch and return the Driver’s licence detail instantly.
    Name:BASTIEN, Louis Alain Desire
    Valid: PvtC,M/C ,HV,Tx
    Interpretation Valid Licence for Private car , Motorcycle, Heavy vehicle and Taxis
    Points left 12.
    Thus avoiding the necessity to carry along this document every time we are driving that is the driver’s License and the cumbersome DLC
    Further more every institutions, Departments either Public or Private requiring the Identification and proof of residential address could be equipped with such device with controlled access to identify a person thus rendering the SMART ID card useless and redundant.
    – Police Stations
    – Post Offices
    – Banks
    – Court rooms
    among others.
    May I also submit, as reference, that I was behind the idea, follow-up and implementation of the 50 e-services in 2007-2008 under the mandate of Honorable Me Etienne Sinatambou while he was Minister of IT. A further 200 e-services were identified and even 30 SMS services which has never, to my knowledge, been implemented.
    Please find attached document where I was appointed by the Minister to chair committees to explore t
    he possibilities for deployment and use of Open Source and Free Software in Mauritius.

    Mister the Minister Sir, I shall make myself available for any further information and/or clarification of my idea, concept and competence.

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