Mauritius Turf Club: Changes For 2015

In anticipation of a difficult financial year, the MTC will be bringing certain changes this year. Some stables will allegedly not be having their licenses to operate renewed.


By Tuesday, 13th of January, official steps will be taken by the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC). It seems that at least two stables will not be operational this year; the licenses of stables Shirish Narang and Mahess Ramdin might not be renewed by the MTC.

Stable Shirish Narang had a temporary operating license after the death of Serge Henry. However, it is reported that it has already received a notice from the MTC informing it that a decision will soon be taken concerning its future operation. Stable Mahess Ramdin also has a foggy future. The MTC has not yet confirmed its imminent actions, but it is expected to have yet another difficult financial year.

As a consequence, the MTC will take some more measures in an attempt to bringing critical changes in 2015. A report was submitted by Michel Nairac at the end of last year that is to dictate the modifications. For instance, the Stable Manager system will allegedly be abolished.

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