MegaChat by Kim Dotcom: Let’s Kill Skype and Facebook Chat

Skype and Facebook video-call, and the likes, might soon be eclipsed by the new service MegaChat that is promised to ensure full privacy without the risk of others poking their noses in one’s private messaging with the new data encryption that comes with it.


If you’re into conspiracy theories relating to privacy online, you are going to love the latest news. Kim Dotcom, famous Internet entrepreneur, who had brought Megaupload and Mega file sharing options into our virtual world, has now come up with another fantastic service: an encrypted communication software, MegaChat.

kim dotcom

The brain behind MegaChat, Kim Dotcom

You can now video-call, private-message and chat safely. Well, safely enough, according to Kim Dotcom.

MegaChat is basically an end-to-end encrypted video and audio chat service, providing better protection than its competitors’.

Another good news is that MegaChat is free to users.

It provides browser-based audio and video calls. Soon enough, text chat and video conferencing will also be made available. To use MegaChat, users are required to create a Mega account, and then log in with their web browsers, click on the icon “Conversations”.

Communicating over the Internet via MegaChat is promised to be totally private, without anyone intercepting the users’ exchanges, according to the creator.

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