Moscow to Beijing by Train in 48 Hours Only: Yes It’s Possible

A project involving a record-breaking high-speed train route linking Beijing to Moscow has brought the respective two countries together to accomplish the ambitious endeavour.
moscow to beijing

Photo Credits: The Daily Mail

Russia looks forward to reducing the 7-day journey from Moscow to Beijing to only 48 hours by way of a high-speed railway. Trains will travel along the railway to reach the destination in just two days at incredible speeds.
Bilateral meetings have been held, bringing together the prime ministers of the two countries.

The direct route linking Moscow to Beijing will be around 7 000 km, breaking the record of the longest high-speed railway in the world (the other one runs from Beijing to Guanhzhou, the route being 3 times less).

Two firms are to work on the lofty project: Russian company Uralvagonzavod together with China Railway High-speed (CRH), a subsidiary of China Railway (CR). The latter (CR) has already accomplished a similar feat in the past by bringing into the world the first (and only) magnetic levitation train, the Shanghai monorail.

The contract was first given to a French firm though, Alstom, which is renowned for its record-breaking work; it had previously manufactured trains able to run at an unprecedented speed of 574 km/h. But, it seems that the Russian government later had issues with the firm not delivering the Mistral ships it had ordered and therefore collaborated with another company altogether.

The assistance of many other experts in the domain has also been sought, including that of Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes.

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