Motorcycles Causing Unacceptable Noise Will Now Be Penalized

Gone are the days where we have to helplessly bear the unpleasant noise pollution coming from motorcycles. The Environment Police is now equipped with sonometers to verify whether or not exhaust pipes of motorcycles have been modified to determine if they are causing noise pollution.

noise pollution
The Environment Police henceforth has a renewed set of duties. Since the 30th of December 2014, they have been posted onto the main roads, specially those of Port-Louis and other regions in the North of Mauritius, with the purpose to paying particular attention to motorcyclists. They are equipped with sonometers imported from France: this step marks the first time that police officers are making use of this device to keep noise pollution in check.

The apparatus had reached the island long time back, but the police officers to be using them had had to be trained first. They are now ready to execute their new task.

Owners of motorcycles having modified the exhaust pipes thereby accounting for increased pollution will now have to face the authorities. Any motorcyclist thus proved to be causing noise pollution will have to pay a Rs 10 000 fine.

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