SC & HSC Exam fees

No Exam Fee For 2015 SC & HSC Students in Mauritius

SC and HSC students who will take part in the examinations at the end of this year will not have to pay for the fees.
SC & HSC Exam fees

Secondary school students and their families can sigh in relief. The Minister of education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, announced that the SC and HSC students will not have to pay for the examination fees at all, today, 28th of January. The minister spoke of the new decision of the government to lift the burden off the students at a ceremony organised to “empower” women at Quartier Militaire.

The new decision was also announced as part of the programme of the new government that was released yesterday itself, presented by the President of the Republic, Kailash Purryag. But, the date as to when it would be put into force was not specified yesterday – a detail thus clarified by the Minister of Education today when prompted by reporters.


  • What about those who have absented for too many days(over 10 Days)
    How much do I have to pay?
    Please reply me fast
    Its urgent

  • i want to take part in 2016 o level sc exams as private student…
    will it be payable…
    what is the fees approx??

  • The 10% of absences will be based on only the year you are going to take part for the exams or both lower and upper or only for upper?

    • If you are currently in upper 6, then the <10% will be accounted as from 18 May 2015 until you get your FINAL timetable at the end of the year. However if you're currently in lower 6, then it will be accounted as from 18 May 2015 till you get your FINAL timetable(not draft one) UPPER 6 exams.

  • Is it true if an sc or hsc students is absent more than 10% at school they will have to pay for their exams
    We just received the message from MES last week
    But there are students who was absent more than 10% during the first semester
    Will they have to pay for their end of year exams

  • is it true that students will only benefit of this. ie will not pay for the sc exams only if they have 90% PRESENTs at school

  • I heard that students who are absenting for more than 18 days will have to pay. Am a bit confuse let me know?

  • Hi, i’m 17, already passed my SC Examination and i’m not able to go to school anymore because of some problem due to my health and wanna take a sit to a private HSC Examination. Will I have to pay for the fees? Thanks you

  • I will have 21year this year an i went to a private college which are payable… Cause i want to continue my studies.. Will i pay for my hsc exam.. Please reply me cause im stress about this…

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