Preparing for Bansi: National Disaster Committee Taking Preventive Measures

Cyclone Bansi has put Mauritius under a cyclone warning class two today morning. The authorities, including the National Disaster Committee, are taking the required precautions to prevent any mishap. A number of preventive steps have already been taken. The officers concerned are on the look-out for any emergency situation.
disaster & risk managementPhoto credits: Top FM; a meeting bringing together the officers of the National Disaster Committee was held minutes ago at the Line Barracks today morning to evaluate the tasks to be carried out.

The minister of environment, Raj Dayal, has stated that the situation is currently under control: a cyclone warning class two is in force in Mauritius since four in the morning today (12.01.14) and the concerned authorities remain in an alert state, ready to execute their operations, if need be. The past tragic events that occurred during floods and storms serve as reminders that prevention is better than cure; therefore, the officers in charge of the protection of the population are prepared to deal with emergency situations.

Raj Dayal explained that they are organising regular visits to certain sites as part of their preventive mechanisms to make sure that everything is alright. High-risk regions are the ones that have been put under constant surveillance.

The authorities have also informed the public that the roads are still manageable. Inspector Ashok Mathur of the Traffic Branch affirmed that all the road systems across the island are negotiable, but drivers are still called to be careful, specially that the roads might be slippery and visibility reduced because of fog.

The roads are barred by slight pockets of fog that could unfortunately cause accidents. As a matter of fact, a road accident happened today near Valentia, in the direction of Ebene. Thankfully, noone was reported to be wounded though, and road circulation was not blocked either.

The Traffic Branch has also added that the practical exams for driving licenses to be held today have been postponed. The relevant information needed by the candidates will be communicated later.

While no great damage has been spotted, the team of firemen have been called three times already since today morning, in Poudre-d’Or, Goodlands and Bambous where roads were obstructed by trees. Yesterday, they had to deal with accumulated water in certain regions like Terre-Rouge, Ste-Croix and La Gaulette. In the latter two regions, water was pumped out of houses.

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