Programme of New Mauritian Government Main Points

The President of the Republic, Kailash Purryag, has presented the keynote-address of the new programme of the Mauritian government today, 27th of January, in Parliament.
gov. programme

As the goals of Alliance Lepep were unfolded, the Mauritian population can now have a clear idea as to where the country is heading with the new government at the head of the State.


Find below a summary of the programme. We can look forward for:

  • A minimum wage policy
  • Internet connection via submarine optical fiber
  • Public places equipped with wifi
  • Private television channels
  • Improvement of sea and air links
  • An enhanced water and electricity supply; old water pipes replaced
  • A new Declaration of Assets Act
  • Promoting investment to and from African, strengthening bilateral relationships, and commercial interactions
  • Formulating of a Freedom of Information Act; reporters will no longer be arrested without tangible evidence against them
  • Amendment of the Local Government Act
  • More power for the Electoral Supervisory Commission
  • Directors of State-controlled organisations taking responsibility for any abuse detected
  • Deletion of the information encoded on the biometric identity cards
  • Making of Mauritius a safer destination
  • Creation of a Financial Crime Commission
  • Amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Act
  • Reviewing waste management
  • Speed camera system replaced by a “more just” one
  • A new programme of easing traffic on roads
  • Hot meals for all primary school pupils
  • CPE replaced by an examination at the end of the primary cycle
  • Introduction of a Higher Education Bill
  • MITD changing into a Regional Training Center
  • An arts training center
  • Religious pilgrimages
  • Review of the Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Master Plan for the Primary Health Care
  • Focus on public infrastructure and transport
  • Commission of inquiry for drug use
  • Construction of a reservoir at Rivière-des-Anguilles
  • Expanding La Nicolière reservoir’s capacity
  • Syndicate for police officers
  • Ankle monitors
  • Independent appeal court
  • Completing Bagatelle Dam in less than a year’s time
  • Setting up of a Civil Service College
  • New economic pillars
  • Improving sectors like sugar industry (including acceleration of reforms in the sugar industry, tourism, finance
  • Juvenile Justice Bill introduced
  • A more competitive “Air Mauritius
  • A Marine Pollution Bill
  • Digital and audio evidence authorised in court
  • Facilitating exportation
  • National and international fashion shows
  • A National ICT Plan
  • A new National Cyber Security Strategy
  • New cybercities in the North, East and West
  • Promoting organic production and rearing
  • New data centers
  • Encouraging entrepreneurs towards agriculture
  • Turning Port-Louis into an International Maritime Hub
  • A Special Financial Assistance Team to help students
  • Extension of the Youth Employment Programme
  • Extension of maternity leave
  • Modern Sports Training Centers at Bel-Ombre and Anse-la-Raie
  • Reviewing of Beach Authority Act
  • Football Academy
  • Ministry of social security improving service to the elderly and physically disabled
  • Amendment of the Disability Bill
  • Setting up of an embassy in Saudi Arabia
  • Creation of a “Maison de Rodrigues” to help people from Rodrigues staying in Mauritius
  • Developmental projects in Rodrigues accelerated: provision of Internet; sea and air links improved; ICT becoming new economic pillar

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