Roches-Noires Robbery: Reconstructing Events Leading to the Death of Anand Kumar

The investigations for the Roches-Noires theft case continues. Many have been interrogated to shed light on the affair, including the butler of the Ramgoolam family. Furthermore, more police officers are to be interrogated by the end of this month.
roches-Noires affair

Aya Soobarah, the Ramgoolam family’s butler, told the officers of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) that on the night of the robbery at the bungalow of the ex-PM, he had driven Nandanee Soornack from Floreal to Roches-Noires. He revealed this yesterday 20th of January during his interrogation.

The officers intended to find out the route he had taken to bring Nandanee Soornack to the party held at the bungalow on the 2nd of July.

Now, the question is, was the ex-PM at the bungalow that night? Recent testimonies point to him having been there on the night with mysterious happenings. A police inspector who was appointed at the Very Important Persons Security Unit affirmed that he had himself driven the ex-PM to the bungalow at Roches-Noires during the evening of the 2nd of July. Two other officers of Brinks who were meant to watch over the building also asserted that Navin Ramgoolam was indeed present there.

As a consequence, the CCID was to interrogate the ex-PM himself under warning. One of the investigators has, however, added that there is no need for rushing with the procedures either.

By the end of this month, around 25 more officers, including those present at the Riviere-du-Rempart police station during the night when Anand Kumar died in prison, are to be interrogated, with the goal of reconstituting the exact events that led to the latter allegedly committing suicide.

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