SA Millionaire Accused of Killing GF Lee-Ann Palmarozza in Mauritius

A young woman from South-Africa, Lee-Ann Palmarozza, was found dead in Anahita The Resort in Mauritius. She was accompanied by her boyfriend, Peter Roberts, with whom she had planned to spend the holidays in Mauritius. The latter has been arrested by the Mauritian police after the tragic incident. He will have to present in court shortly.

The couple is known to enjoying great opulence: spending days in a penthouse and luxurious villas in South Africa, and having Rs 220 000-worth jewellery gifts. Peter Roberts is a millionaire businessman, and would seemingly spoil his girlfriend. But, from what is apparent, and from the testimonies of the friends of the deceased, their relationship was not much of a fairy tale.

Lee-Ann Palmarozza had travelled to Mauritius on the 26th of December 2014 to join her boyfriend. Two days later, on the 28th of December, her dead body was found floating in a swimming pool of the resort.

The boyfriend, Peter Roberts, being the main suspect in the murder case, was then arrested. He was previously spotted attempting to leave the country without informing the authorities. He will now have to present in court on the 15th of January.

Lee-Ann Palmarozza

The Mauritian police is currently in charge of shedding light on the affair. The close family and friends of the couple have been interrogated. The life of Peter Roberts has been put under scrutiny. The South African police is also providing its assistance by collaborating with the Mauritian investigators.

When questioned, Peter Roberts had stated that he was in the shower when his girlfriend disappeared. The latter’s corpse has more stories to tell though. The first autopsy that was performed revealed suspicious haematomas on her body. A second one might soon be carried out before the corpse is taken to South Africa.

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  • [email protected] Haye says:

    We are devastated…..hope Mauritian justice system doesn’t fail us

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