Torrential Rain Aftermath: South-East of Mauritius Affected by Water Shortage

The torrential rain has filled our reservoirs but simultaneously affecting the water supply stations as much mud has caused the blockage of filters. As a result, many regions of Mauritius are having a limited water supply.
During the last few days, we have been blessed with tremendous rain, even reaching till flooding levels in certain regions of the island. However, in spite of this surge in rainfall, the Central Water Authority (CWA) has informed of disturbances in water distribution.

The South-East of Mauritius is currently affected by the water shortage. The problem might extend to the North of the island as well. Port-Louis will have running water for only four hours per day, and inhabitants of the South will have ten hours.

Villages like Flacq, Trou-d’Eau-Douce, Quatre-Soeurs, Deux-Frères and Grand-Sable will also likely have water supply troubles.

The filters of the water treatment stations have been obstructed because of the excessive debris. Rivers supplying the populations of Pailles, Port-Louis, Mont-Blanc and Rivière-du-Poste have transported a great amount of heavy particles and mud that have accounted for the obstruction.

Remedial methods are to be executed. The station at Pailles will soon be enlarged, and the filtration systems will allow for a continuous supply of water.

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