Spiderman Robbers Reported at Vacoas

Three armed thiefs broke into the house of an inhabitant of Vacoas yesterday, wearing Spiderman masks. Talking about ruining the reputation of superhero Spiderman, huh?!


The inhabitant of Vacoas, a man of 56 years of age, was in the company of his 40-year-old sister in his kitchen when around 19:00, three men broke into the house, clad in Spiderman masks. Well, like we say in French, “l’habit ne fait pas le moine” – we cannot judge a book by its cover. The deeds of these men surely were not a portrayal of hero Spiderman: they were not there motivated by lofty intentions to save innocents; they were armed robbers.

The man relates that one of them got hold of him and pointed a knife at his neck, while the two others grasped his sister. They threatened them not to make any sudden movement. They seized the Rs 27 000-worth gold bracelet that their victim was wearing. They then moved to other rooms of the house in search of more jewellery.

While the ‘Spidermen’ were looking for more valuables, the man and his sister managed to set themselves free from their grips and escaped into the yard, calling their neighbours for help. The latter came immediately. The three robbers had no choice but to flee at that moment and they escaped through the back yard.

The police force of Vacoas was then informed of the mishap.

The Spidermen had left the sister of the man injured at the hand. She was taken care of at Victoria hospital at Candos.

The police is currently carrying out investigations to locate the perpetrators of violence.

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