Terre-Rouge-Verdun Motorway Closed Yesterday Night Because of More Cracks

New cracks on the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road led to its closure since yesterday afternoon.

The Rs 4.2 billion new motorway linking Terre-Rouge to Verdun has unfolded several unpleasant surprises to the Mauritian population in the last few months. A little while after it was inaugurated, cracks began appearing. In no time, the cracks were broadening, and since then, this process has not really stopped.

On Sunday 18th of January, a police officer who was on a regular patrol at that part of the motorway – more precisely, between the roundabout of Ripailles and that of Valton – noticed huge cracks. He stated that they spotted “main cracks” of 25 meters in length. Furthermore, they saw more cracks over a distance of 70 to 75 meters.

Additional cracks were observed on the afternoon of the 21st of January.

As a consequence, that part of the motorway was closed in both directions until Thursday 22nd of January.

The Minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, affirmed that the closure of the road was executed because they did not wish to take any risk concerning the safety of drivers.

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