Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road Will Not Be Reopened As The Cracks Are Widening

Those who would incline to using the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road to get to their destinations are in for an unpleasant surprise: the road will not be opened this week. Meanwhile, tests will be done to gauge the extent of the ‘disaster’.
cracks on road

Photo credits: Lexpress.mu

The cracks adorning the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road have brought in problems that seem to be here to stay. For a while, anyway. As a consequence, the road will remain closed until further notice. Drivers who would prefer using the road to travel to and from the North will now have to exercise patience till the problem is solved.

Nando Bodha, the Minister of Public Infrastructure, paid a visit to the site where new cracks appeared recently today 22nd of January. After discussing with the experts from the Road development Unit and from the Japan International Cooperation Agency who were also present at the site today, he affirmed that the road might not be opened soon enough. A consultant from Colas was also there.

Tests as to the movement of the land there have to be performed, and each phase of the construction of the road – the design, the tests, and the maintenance – will also be analysed. The tests are expected to be completed by this week-end.

Meanwhile, the cracks are getting bigger and bigger; 100 meters of the road are under their spell.


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