Third Lane Made From Riche-Terre to Port-Louis & Abattoir Road At Roche-Bois Opened

Ever since the Terre-Rouge-Verdun motorway was closed because of the disastrous appearance of cracks all over the road, Mauritians having to travel to and from the North of the island have been complaining of the dense traffic jam they are now having to deal with every morning. To alleviate the predicament of drivers, the authorities have thus set up a line of measures.

traffic jam

The Traffic Branch has taken initiatives to free the roads of the North of the country.

The authorities have recommended the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport to introduce a third lane linking Riche-Terre to Quai D.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Rashid Beekun, stated that drivers coming from the North towards Port-Louis need to have a third lane. The two existing lanes make 7m50 in width, and will be extended to 9m when the project is executed. Obstacles will be removed and the road asphalted. The three lanes will then be separated by means of traffic cones.

The DCP, together with technicians from the RDA and the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit paid a visit to the site before the works started.

The Abattoir road at Roche-Bois leading to Port-Louis will also soon be made accessible in order to divert part of the traffic. It will be linked to Farquhar street and will be operational as from the 29th of January between 07h30 till 09h30. This will also facilitate those coming from the East of the island who drive along the motorway at Calebasses to reach the capital.

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