Torrential Rain Expected Today (07.01.15)

At this time of the year, Mauritians are to brace themselves for high temperatures, and therefore extreme heat, as well as tropical depressions. According to the forecasts, we will have torrential rain later during the day today, and we might even have a tropical depression forming by this week-end.
torrential rain
The forecasts of the meteorological station of Vacoas dictates that the south of the island will be drenched in rain as from today morning itself (07.01.15). The weather is expected to follow the rainy trend all over the country as the day unfolds.

Thunderstorms are also found on the list.

An unstable zone coming from the North-East is behind the rainy tendencies, and it might persist for several days.

On top of the rainy weather, the temperature hike has been felt mostly everywhere in Mauritius. Summer in the island is characterised by high temperatures and high humidity, the later brought by winds from the Equator.

Furthermore, we might have to bear the brunt of a tropical depression that is being formed in the North-West region of Mauritius. This forecast has been made by several foreign stations. In case it is confirmed to happen, we might be feeling the effects thereof as from the upcoming week-end and next week.

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