Torrential Rain Expected Today (09.01.15) With Possibility of Tropical Storm Next Week

Today, 9th of January, will most likely be submerged in torrential rain. Forecasters have warned of the possibility of the accumulation of water. Also, the low depression zone that is the cause of the weather lately might turn into a tropical storm by next week.
A zone of low depressions is currently threatening our island. According to the study of the meteorologists of the Vacoas station, it has been developing at the North-West of Mauritius since yesterday.

Local forecasters have stated that today afternoon will be greeted by pouring rain. The sky will gradually be overwhelmed with clouds, specially in the South-West of the island. The rain varying in intensity might also be accompanied by thunder. The torrential rain that is expected could possibly lead to the accumulation of water in certain regions of Mauritius.

Drivers are advised to be careful since the roads might be overtaken by fog thereby reducing visibility.

International authorities have been following the evolution of the low depression. US experts have stated that it was at 275 km North-East of Reunion Island yesterday (08.01.15) at 21h00, moving towards the north-east at 11 km/h. Météo France has forecast that it might turn into a tropical storm during the night of Sunday. By then, it could affect both Mauritius and Reunion Island by Monday (12.01.15) morning.

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