Torrential Rain Warning (22.01.15): East of Mauritius Most Affected

The trend of gloomy weather does not look like it is going to abate soon. In fact, many regions of Mauritius have been hit with torrential rain in a spectacular way today afternoon (22.01.15).
camp de masque

Camp-de-Masque; photo credits: DefiMedia.Info

The meteorological services of Vacoas have issued a torrential rain warning at 13h30 today, 22nd of January. The team working there has explained that the high humidity has caused the formation of heavy active clouds that have led to thunder and torrential rain in the East and South of the island, together with the central plateau. Other regions might also be affected later during the afternoon.

The pouring rain has caused water accumulation in many areas. This has led to roads not being negotiable; for instance, the streets leading to Melrose, and Midlands, are currently bearing the brunt of the heavy rain. But, that is nothing compared to other villages situated in the East of the island.

The most affected regions are Camp-de-Masque, Bel-Air, Montagne-Blanche, Quartier-Militaire, and, Flacq.

Three households from Camp-de-Masque have already complained of water accumulation.

bel air riviere seche 2

Bel-Air Riviere-Seche; photo credits: DefiMedia.Info

bel air riviere seche

Bel-Air Riviere-Seche; photo credits: DefiMedia.Info

The authorities have advised the public not to succumb to panic attacks, and drivers are called to be increasingly careful on the roads as visibility has been reduced because of the weather.

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