Torrential Rain Warning in Mauritius To Lasts Till Tomorrow (23.01.15)

The rain is here to stay, or so say the clouds hovering above us. A torrential rain warning was emitted today (23.01.15) at 5:00 a.m, extending till tomorrow 06:00 p.m.
torrential rain
A special communiqué was issued today at 02:15 p.m from the meteorological station of Vacoas, stating that the heavy rain warning is applicable till tomorrow afternoon – until 06:00 p.m, to be exact.

The high humidity and general instability have once again favoured the formation of huge active clouds that will cause more rain in the coming hours, accompanied by thunder in the South and West of the island, together with regions located on the central plateau. Other areas of Mauritius might also be affected.

The public is recommended to remain careful, specially since water accumulation is to be expected with many rivers already experiencing flooding and advised not to remain in proximity with rivers and other water streams. Drivers are also advised to exercise additional care on the roads.

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