Airway Coffee’s Debts To Be Paid By Rakesh Gooljaury

Being the founder of Airway Coffee, Rakesh Gooljaury now finds himself in a fix. Airports of Mauritius (AML) and Airport Terminal Operations Ltd (ATOL) have made a statutory demand, requesting for him to pay for the rent of Airway Coffee – for the two locations allocated to them at the ex-airport terminal and at the new one – in a month’s time.

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How has the burden of Nandanee Soornack, the owner of Airway Coffee, fallen onto the shoulders of Rakesh Gooljaury, who claims having not had any communication from the former lately? As a matter of fact, it seems that Rakesh Gooljaury himself manages Airway Coffee, according to the documents provided by AML.

The story seems to be riddled with a number of complications. The ex-wife of Rakesh Gooljaury, Anistabye Natacha Ruggoo, is said to have withdrawn as shareholder of Airway Coffee to the advantage of Nandanee Soornack. Rakesh Gooljaury had himself left the group after Nandanee Soornack had compelled him to leave his shares to her son Aditish Akshawv Oogarah.

The ex-director of AML, Serge Petit, had previously stated that Nandanee Soornack did not have any commercial activity at the airport and that she had made no request to operate one at the new airport terminal.

However, according to L’express-dimanche and Week-end, it was reported that she had already taken the control of Airway Coffee. Serge Petit had then affirmed that he had relied on the documents of the AML to make his statements and that any request from Nandanee Soornack will be analysed as per certain criteria and the interests of the AML and the country.

The ex-management of the AML had chosen Nandanee Soornack to operate at the new terminal of the airport without having sent out tenders. Furthermore, she had still not settled debts of Rs 28 184 014 owed to ATOL for three allocations in the new air terminal.

Now, the burden of the debts is upon Rakesh Gooljaury as per the stipulations of the contract.

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