Al-Qaida & The Leader of the Revolution of Mauritius Send Threatening Letters to SAJ

Two letters are reported to have been sent to the PMO. Both contained threatening statements directed towards the PM and some members of his family, together with other personalities. One letter was signed “The Leader of the Revolution”, and the other was alleged to have been sent by the group Al-Qaida.


From left to right: SAJ and his wife, lady Sarojini, Pravind Jugnauth, Ivan  Collendavelloo, Roshi Bhadain and Luckdeo Hoolash

A mysterious letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) by post on the 16th of February. Addressed to the PM and other personalities, it mentioned of ‘potential’ attacks against them. The shocking contents are alleged to be written by one who described himself as “The Leader of the Revolution of Mauritius”.

Two days later, another letter was received signed by someone alleging to be a member of Al-Qaida, the famous terrorist group.

Both letters addressed threats to the PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ), his wife, lady Sarojini, his son, Minister Pravind Jugnauth, including the latter’s family.

The first letter spoke against the government’s decision to expatriate French and the people of Reunion Island. The “Leader of the Revolution” added that his group has in its possession weapons and Molotov cocktails.

The second letter reminded of the 1989 Grand-Bassin incident where a murder attempt was made on SAJ.

The author of the letter also mentioned the death of the ex-superintendent of police, Prem Radhooa. According to him, his death was not a natural one. Also, the acid throwing incident involving Dr Malhotra was added to the list of past events ‘discussed’.

The author spoke of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons as well, saying that a team had not appreciated the drawings and had thereafter ‘claimed their rights’.

The author of the letter did restrict himself to the Jugnauth family only. The threats were addressed to other personalities including the general director of the National Security Service (NSS) Luckdeo Hoolash, the vice-prime minister Ivan Collendavelloo, and minister Roshi Bhadain.

The ‘Al-Qaida’ letter finally referred to the Betamax affair, the pundit Sungkur case and the Tarisa hotel one. The new government headed by SAJ was warned not to use repressive measures concerning these cases.

Both have been sent via a post office of the capital. Could it be that they are from the same person? Or, at least, from the same group of people? Would Al-Qaida actually warn individuals it wishes to attack in advance? It is difficult to believe that the internationally notorious group would be interested in cases such as the Betamax one. Could this be some kind of sick joke?! The authorities will take no chance though. Investigations are ongoing to go to the source of the letters. The anti-terrorist cell under the NSS is currently working on this. The two letters will be subject to in-depth analysis; digital fingerprints will be taken, if any is found.


  • If the government does not do what it promised to do before the election,
    I believe this sort of warning must be taken seriously. And that group would
    consider itself as freedom fighters. We could see what is going on this world

  • There is nothing funny about terrorist threats even if it’s done by some pranksters.All threats must be taken seriously.The authorities must always plan ahead.Those who sent the letters must be hunted down and face justice.It is better to be safe than sorry later.

  • Does anyone really think al-Qaeda has the slightest interest in SAJ or knows anything about the Tarisa or Pandit Sungkur? Get real! This is some (unfunny) Mauritian joker who wants to get his idiocy into the papers. How gullible do you have to be to believe this?

    As for ‘The Leader of the Revolution of Mauritius’ who has Molotov cocktails in his possession, well, let’s all hide under our beds and wait for the world to end! Anyone who has a bottle, some rag and some petrol – 90% of the population? – can make a Molotov cocktail.

    Police and politicians all over the world receive silly threats like this every day. Only in Mauritius is it ‘shocking’.

  • Sincerely hope that these letters written by a sick person and i’m sure that the authorities will catch him very soon.

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