Authors of Mysterious Letters Sent to the PM Identified

The senders of the two letters containing threats aimed at the PM and other personalities have been identified by the police.

The anti-terrorist cell of Mauritius has finally identified the authors of the two letters sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) this month. The letters contained threats directed towards the PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, and his wife, as well as his son Pravind Jugnauth, and vice-prime minister Ivan Collendavelloo, minister Roshi Badhain. The DCP Luckdeo Hoolash’s name was also mentioned.

One of the letters was signed as the Leader of the Revolution, while the second one was alleged to be from Al-Qaida terrorist group. From the sound of it itself, it seemed like it was some kind of sick joke. Moreover, the letters were sent from a post office situated in Port-Louis. Who would be gullible enough to believe that the Al-Qaida would do that?!

The authors, whose clumsiness got them trapped, are said to be close to certain sociocultural organisations.

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