Beach Stray Dogs Will Soon Be Captured While NGOs Are Still Fighting

The government’s project to hunt down beach dogs to later have them euthanised as a method of getting rid of the stray animals will soon be launched this week, according to Lexpress. It has been argued that the decision will not be changed because the project was mounted for the welfare of the population. It was also highlighted that the stray dogs will be rehabilitated and not immediately euthanised. Those in opposition to the project are still trying to make their voices heard.
save beach dogs
The beach stray dogs will be captured and placed into captivity at the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW). From then, members of the public and other NGOs will have 3 days to step forward for adoption procedures. Otherwise, after the deadline, the dogs will be euthanised.

The project has been denounced by a certain proportion of the Mauritian population who, as a group, considers the method chosen by the Ministry of Environment to be inhumane. NGOs and social workers have been fighting, and still are, against the application of the method. At the level of the ministry though, all seems to be ready to go on with the capture programme.

Those who have staunchly shown their disapproval to the decision of the government have suggested that more humane ways exist and should be resorted to. For instance, they argued that the animals could be sterilised – captured and sterilised, as opposed to captured and euthanised. The authorities favouring the ministry’s decision retaliated, saying that sterilisation has not generated the desired effects, adding that, NGOs are given a massive amount of money to themselves take the responsibility of sterilisation, but in spite of this, the situation has not been improved. The secretary of the NGO Save Our Strays (SOS), Vishnee Dubessay, in turn stated that the dogs should not be killed when the fault lies on the owners. She also proposed that the ministry launches sensitisation programmes to educate dog owners, firmly believing that dogs are not born stray, but that they are made to become stray dogs.

Both sides are meant to hold discussions in the coming days.


  • The government should have strict laws for dog owners on the island. Every dog should be registered and microchiped so that the owners can be traced when a dog is found abandoned. Punishment for these owners should severe. Don’t use this feeble and barbaric approach and to exterminating our dogs when they did not ask to be strays. People have elected a new lot of politicians,hoping that we would see noticeable improvement in the way that things are done. Lets start with our animals, start looking after them like the show that we put on for foreign tourists to give Mauritius a good name

    • Agree with this statement, dog owners themselves are responsible to such result now they jump up, showing off and blaming how MSAW is being barbaric which is not true. Will all of you contribute for sterilisation of these dogs? I would sa NO! So accept the consequence and also MSAW is not doing anything barbaric than euthanasia which is almost fair then seeing dogs suffer and being neglected!

      • It is not the putting the dogs to sleep that is Babaric but the way the animals are treated. Just make it your business to follow the men when they are capturing the animals. The very people who should be giving good examples of good animal welfare are the one that are abusing the animals

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