Cleaning The MBC: Datta Ramyead, Jerry Nayna Swabir Goodur & Others Resigning

The audit of the government to evaluate the situation at the MBC has led to many employees leaving their posts, including Datta Ramyead, Jerry Nayna and Swabir Goodur, among others.


Several employees of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) have had to leave their respective posts this week. Following the audit of the Public Sector Efficiency Bureau, a new organisation created under the Minister of Good Governance, new decisions have been taken with the aim to putting an end to abusive practices. According to the authorities, the firm is being “cleansed” from anyone having enjoyed privileges he was not entitled to.

The MBC has witnessed several changes since last year, after the results of the general elections were announced. For instance, Dan Callikan had resigned from the post of Director of the MBC right after the proclamation of the results. Now, more will be leaving.

The “cleansing” exercise is said to be meant to avoid any wastage and to refill the coffers of the MBC, specially so because the firm currently has a number of debts amounting to billions of rupees.

Among those who have been asked to leave are Datta Ramyead, the ex-Head of News, and Jerry Nayna who used to present some TV entertainment programmes, said to have bagged many contracts, Bhoomitra Sharma Ayrga, responsible of the Hindustani department of the MBC, Swabir Goodur, who was in charge of Urdu radio programmes, Yan Jankoo, the ex-PRO, and finally Clifford Parsad, who was an ex-police officer and thereafter the head of security of the MBC.

Datta Ramyead was recently put in charge of the radio department. He is considered to be close to the ex-government. According to the reports, he would have a Rs 100 000-worth monthly salary together with other privileges.

Many more will allegedly follow in their steps, including the employees working for specific channels like Senn Kreol and Bhojpuri Channel.

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