Compulsory Declaration of Assets For Mauritius Members of Parliament & Senior Civil Officials Soon

The Declaration of Assets Act 1991 will soon be amended to accommodate for changes the new government intend to make, as was promised when its new programme was spelled out. Aiming for more transparency, the government wishes for the declaration of assets of the parliamentarians to be made public.
The declaration of assets of both deputies and senior civil servants will soon be made public. The laws had previously kept this away from the population. Moreover, the anti-corruption commission dictated that the confidentiality clause is to be respected; parliamentarians would only submit their declarations of assets to the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) and the documents were not published. Thus, the assets of the deputies and senior civil officials were not proclaimed to the Mauritian population.

The Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain, explained that this will now change. The public will have access to the declaration of assets of the personalities. He affirmed that the aim of the government in so doing is to have the parliamentarians to divulge what they have in their possession from the moment they take office to the end of their parliamentary mandate; the government thus believes to be bringing in more transparency.

The bill concerning this new measure that was also mentioned in the programme of the new government is currently being prepared; the Declaration of Assets Act 1991 will hence be amended.

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