Crash of Flight GE 235 of TransAsia Airways – (Video of Crash)

Flight GE 235 of TransAsiaAirways crashed in Taiwan’s Keelung river today, 4th of February, at around 10:50 (local time).


Screenshot from video captured of the crashing plane shortly before it landed into the river

According to the Taiwanese Central Disaster Response Centre, 58 individuals were onboard the plane, including the 5 crew members. 31 of the passengers were Chinese tourists. 2 of them were children.

As of now, 9 people have been confirmed to be dead. Rescue operations have been organised, with more than 170 people enlisting their participation, and 18 survivors have been spotted, while 31 others were not yet found. Fire engines, ambulances and jet skis have gathered to help.

Drivers travelling near to the region where the crash occurred actually saw the airplane taking the descent to ultimately crash into the water. A video capturing the tragedy was even recorded by one such driver with a dashboard camera.

crash taiwan

Screenshot from video: extraordinarily scary image of the airplane as it descended into the river moments later

On its way down, the airplane’s wing chipped off part of a vehicle, as shown by the picture below:

Taxi cab hit by plane's wing

Taxi cab hit by plane’s wing

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