Farquhar Street Open For Drivers from 07:00 to 9:30 to Reduce Traffic Congestion

A new method to dampen the traffic jam around the capital city has been put into application today morning. Farquhar street, which is normally dominated by pedestrians, will now be opened for drivers from 07:00 to 09:30 to reduce the traffic congestion that results from vehicles flocking to and through Port-Louis.

Farquhar street

Farquhar Street, Port-Louis

The authorities are setting up measures to reduce the extreme traffic jam between Riche-Terre and Port-Louis that has arisen after the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road was closed. People travelling to and from the capital and the North of the island had long become accustomed to using the new motorway, and now that the road has become non-negotiable because of the appearance of the enormous cracks, they have no choice but to get stuck in the traffic jam that the old roads are characteristic of. The same goes for those travelling from the North to the South of the island who now have to go through the capital to get to their destination further south.

In spite of the efforts made to dilute the traffic jam, the new measures have not worked as effectively. A third lane was opened last week to allow vehicles coming from the North to reach Port-Louis, but this strategy did not reap the desired results.

Today morning (04.02.15), a new method has been employed: vehicles passing by the Abattoir road at Roche-Bois to reach till the roundabout of ABC Motors will be made to go by Farquhar street to reach Place d’Armes. Therefore, Farquhar street will be opened for drivers from 7:00 a.m till 9:30 a.m. This is expected to ease the way of drivers to the capital city.

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