Fifty Shades of Grey Effect: Student tied up, whipped & raped classmate after watching the movie

A 19-year-old college student going by the name of Mohammad Hossain, from the University of Illinois, Chicago, seems to have taken Fifty Shades of Grey to a wholly different level: acting it out himself, with or without a willing partner. He is accused of assaulting a female student from the university in attempts to “re-enact” scenes from the movie. He is said to have “tied up his victim, whipping and punching her before raping her”.

Mohammad Hossain

Mohammad Hossain, the accused.

The accused, Mohammad Hossain, an engineering student, freshman, ambassador to the alumni association, supposedly admitted to the police that he did assault the woman. He further ‘explained’ that they were only re-enacting some scenes from the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. The question is, was it a team exercise or not?

According to his version, he and the girl went to his room on Saturday afternoon. He asked her to strip, but she kept her bra and underwear on – she is said to have been consenting at this point. Hossain then tied her hands and legs using belts. Using a necktie, he gagged her mouth, and covered her eyes with a knit cap.

He hit her several times with a belt while she was telling him to stop since it was hurting her. He even punched her several times and continued despite the woman’s pleas for him to stop, to finally raping her.

After the assault, the victim reported the case to the police. Hossain was then arrested by the campus police. He admitted that he had “done something wrong”. He tried to justify himself by mentioning the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

The lawyer of the accused argues that his client believed the sex was consensual. He is still in custody with a bail of $ 500 000.

The movie has received its own share of hysterical enthusiasm and negative critics. While it is being portrayed by some as being the ultimate modern love story, it has also been argued that it subtly (and, otherwise) promotes domestic abuse. There is no justification, let alone excuses, for rape. Were it not for the movie, rapists would have found another ‘reason’. However, critics have added that the movie further encourages the sick mentality that love and lust intertwined allow for women to be hit and whipped and gagged if they are coerced to give their consent. Twisted definition of consent, eh?

In a hypersexualised atmosphere pervading all across the planet, would it be any surprising to find sick people giving way to their desires by “enacting scenes” from this type of movie? Again, rape cannot ever be justified. Rape is about the rapists wanting to pin down their victims as a demonstration of their power more than anything else. What to expect from a society that has normalised subtle ‘consensual’ domestic abuse? We are what we eat, we are what we take in from our environments, we are what we watch. Maybe, it’s time to wake up?

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