Fire Broke Out At A Port-Mathurin Gas Station in Rodrigues

A fire broke out at a gas station situated at Port-Mathurin, Rodrigues, at 14h30, today, 23rd of February. A huge cloud of black fumes thereafter covered the area.

fire at Rodrigues

The cloud of black fumes from the gas station conspicuous from a distance. Photo credits: Jean Steeve Lucchesi

Firemen and police officers were immediately informed of the situation. Policemen kept passers-by away from the scene where the fire broke out to avoid any injuries. Noone has been reported to be wounded because of the fire.

The cause of the fire is as yet unknown.

A witness from Rodrigues going by the name of Ruben communicated details of the incident to Radio Plus today, stating that several offices and shops at Port-Mathurin have had to be closed because of the fire.


Smoke blown towards buildings nearby. Photo credits: Jean Steeve Lucchesi.


Photo credits: Jean Steeve Lucchesi.

Today morning, the ship carrying petroleum products to Rodrigues arrived at the port, following a severe lack of fuel the day before. Could it be that the fuel transport recently done is behind the fire? The real reason remains foggy though.

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