Greek F-16 Crash Was Accidental & The Pilots Had Tried to Eject

The head of the air force of France stated that the F-16 jet crash that occurred on Monday 26th of January was accidental and that nothing could have been done to avoid it. He added that the two pilots who died onboard the jet tried to eject after the plane failed to gather sufficient power.
Los Llanos airbase

Spanish air base where the crash occurred

A Greek fighter jet had crashed earlier this week during a NATO training exercise in a Spanish air base as a consequence of a failed takeoff. The two Greek pilots onboard the crashed F-16 jet were killed, together with nine French men. Twenty-one other individuals who were on the ground in the vicinity were injured. The circumstances that led to the tragic event were recently detailed out by the authorities concerned.

According to the head of France’s air force, General Denis Mercier, the crash was an accident and could not have been prevented. He also said that the two pilots attempted to eject after the failed take-off, but their fates had it otherwise. Initially, the local media had said that one of the Greek pilots might have performed a wrong manoeuvre. But, the statements of the French General are in contradiction with the previous information.

Investigators from Spain are still looking into the matter as to why did the jet undergo trouble to gain power during the takeoff.

Many of the injured individuals are still hospitalised due to the severe burns they sustained.

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