Lottotech Put Under the Microscope By Mauritius Ministry of Finance

The government is currently putting the activities of Lottotech under the microscope. The authorities were motivated to launch an investigation with regard to the firm after certain statistics were revealed: its contribution to the Consolidated Fund went from 58.01 % to 46.16 %. This decreasing trend has started off since July 2012.

Officials from the Ministry of Finance have not made any open statement concerning the investigation though. It seems that no final conclusion has been made yet.

The firm had to contribute 58.01 % to the Consolidated Fund as per the license it was issued by the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA). However, in October 2012, an agreement was decided upon by the firm, the GRA and the Ministry of Finance to reduce the contributions. This piece of information was confirmed by the Chief Operating Officer, Moorghen Veeramootoo, who did not, however, provide any more detail. But, he did add that a meeting was held bringing together the Ministry of Finance and the firm.

The Ministry of Finance has informed of a study on gambling in Mauritius and Rodrigues being done by a committee. The issue of scratch cards will also be reviewed – they are viewed as constituting a terrible scourge in our society.

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