Madagascar: Drought Wreaking Havoc But The Worst Is Coming

The people of Madagascar residing in the South of the country are currently having to deal with a severe drought, which might possibly worsen in the coming days.
Madagascar is currently plagued with natural calamities: many of its regions have been ravaged by the tropical storm Chedza, while the South of the island is bearing the brunt of a severe drought. Hundreds of thousands of people are having to deal with the extreme lack of water – the severest drought since six years.

The situation is reported to be getting worse and worse.

The South of Madagascar is occasionally touched by drought – its inhabitants are accustomed to such dark times. But, this year’s drought has been observed to be more severe than the recent ones. It has not rained since the beginning of last December. The fields are dry and the remaining stock of food is diminishing.

In one of the districts, Bekily situated in the Androy region, the local people are having to feed on manioc exclusively because of the lack of food. Yet others are turning to unripe fruits.

To add to the problem, the price of food items have increased by 100 % and that of the water container of 20 liters rose by 25 times.

Humanitarian aid is on its way to Madagascar. Famine has not yet struck the country, but as the situation is expected to worsen with time, the population is being prepared for the difficult times to come.

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