Mauritian Offshore Sector Involved in The Selling of Missiles?

The design plans of a South-African missile are said to have been stolen by Israeli secret agents back in 2010. According to Al-Jazeerah, Mauritius seems to have played a role in the affair.

The Qatari channel, Al Jazeerah, in collaboration with the British daily The Guardian, have been unfolding a series of documents termed “Top secret” relating to clandestine activities of several countries spread all across the globe. The latest one revealed in a programme of this series entitled “Spy Leaks” that Israelis had laid their hands on the design plans of a surface-to-air  missile from a South-African public firm, Denel.

It seems that two men involved in the transactions had intended to make payments to the director of the firm, Anthony Viljoen, via Mauritian banks, or even the Mauritian offshore sector.

The two men were later imprisoned for having attempted to sell the said plans to a foreign nation or to a hostile organisation. As for Anthony Viljoen, he was ultimately freed.

Finally, the Israeli group told South African authorities not to execute any penal action against an Israeli when it was requested to return the plans.

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