Mauritius Football Association (MFA) Appealing Against Suspension of Referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn

After the internationally-renowned Mauritian referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn was banned from the CAN 2015, Mauritians associations have shown great support to him. The Mauritius Football Association (MFA) has informed the CAF that they intend to appeal against their decision of banning and suspending the referee. As for the latter, he has returned to the country yesterday (05.02.15).

Rajindraparsad Seechurn
Rajindraparsad Seechurn

Mauritian referee Rajindraparsad Seechurn was recently banned from the Africa Cup of Nations 2015 (CAN 2015) after a football match where he is said to have had taken a controversial stance. During the Equatorial Guinea vs Tunisia match, he had ruled that a player from the former team had been fouled, and therefore allowed for a penalty. In the aftermath of his decision, the Tunisia team lost the match and they blamed the referee for having made a mistake in his arbitration. They complained to the authorities, and ultimately, the referee was banned.

Whether it was really a mistake or not remains controversial. Mauritian Saoud Lallmohamed, the director of the technical committee of the Mauritius Professional Football League (MPFL), supported his decision, asserting that he had viewed the images yet again and deemed the actions of the referee to have been correct. Sameer Sobha, the president of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA), also sided with him.

Rajindraparsad Seechurn returned to the country yesterday afternoon – being no more part of the games as he was banned by the CAF, the African confederation of football. He stated that he has nothing to reproach himself of, adding that he has displayed professionalism in his decision during the match. He affirmed that since he has nothing to feel guilty about, he will not avoid the press people. He also said that the referee commission admitted that there was indeed a “soft penalty”. He had referee-ed many matches of the CAN 2015 before without having encountered any problem, and the CAF had even decided to have him as referee for the finals.

However, the referee committee stated, after having analysed the issue, that the performance Rajindraparsad Seechurn as referee was a poor one, and that he was incapable of keeping order and responding appropriately to ensure the control of the players. As a result, Rajindraparsad Seechurn was banned from the Can 2015 and suspended for a period of six months for poor performance, and removed from the Elite list of referees of the CAF.

Rajindraparsad Seechurn did admit that the blow was hard to take. He has been an international referee for more than ten years without coming across any predicament of this kind. He stated that he is hence now going through a hard time, together with his family. He thereafter thanked everyone who has shown support to him so far. He also said that he will not allow himself to be discouraged, and he intends to move on.

The Mauritius Football Association (MFA) asserted that it will appeal against the decision. The organisation will first discuss with the referee himself, and proceed from there. The CAF has already been informed of the MFA’s decision.

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  • He’s a fraud…. How much money he got to favor the local team. It wasn’t just about the penalty, only 5 fouls for the local team in 120 minutes compare to 35 to the Tunisian team…

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