Mauritius Warship MCGS Barracuda Is Ready -The 1st Warship India is Exporting

The Mauritian government had placed an order for an Indian Offshore Patrol Vessel back in 2011. The ship, named MCGS Barracuda, is the first warship that India is to export.


The MCGS Barracuda. Photo credits: Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd

The ship, named MCGS Barracuda, was constructed by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd, a firm located at Kolkata. It weighs 1 350 tonnes, and makes 74 meters in length. It was acquired by Mauritian authorities at Rs 1.9 billion. Its maximum speed is recorded at 22 knots. Additionally, it is equipped with a helipad.

A team of the National Coast Guard was despatched to India for the delivery.

A commander of the Indian navy, Rajneesh Kumar Dala, will take command of the ship. He will assist the National Coast Guard to manoeuver the MCGS Barracuda.

The warship will be used to carry out anti-piracy and anti-drug operations meant to curb the crimes. It will also enable research work and rescue missions. Furthermore, it will be put to use for the protection of the exclusive economic zone of the island.

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