MBC Audit: Abusive Practices Detected

The second phase of the audit that the Ministry of Finance had launched to evaluate the abusive practices at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is ongoing. The first phase dealt with the contract of Dan Callikan, the ex-director of the MBC.


First phase of audit: Dan Callikan’s contract

Dan Callikan had included a clause in his contract that would make him eligible for Rs 5 million when he was to leave the post of director of the MBC. As a matter of fact, he obtained the Rs 5 million last December when he resigned following the proclamation of the results of the 2014 general elections.

dan C.

Dan Callikan

While Dan Callikan affirmed that all the procedures were done by abiding by the rules and regulations, rumour has it that the contract with the clause allowing for the Rs 5 million compensation could be contested by the State in court.

The audit has eventually analysed on the contract. The report of their evaluation has recently been finalised and submitted to the authorities as the first phase ended.

It seems that the contract was written without the approval of the board. Furthermore, a member of the ex-government appears to have encouraged Dan Callikan’s endeavour.

Second phase: Disproportionate salaries

The second phase of the assessment to be made by the officials of the Ministry of Finance entails the employees. Many employees have been receiving salaries that they should not otherwise be obtaining. Employees with only a School Certificate have been receiving salaries amounting to Rs 70 000. Moreover, it seems that many have been recruited as permanent employees just before the general elections.

The audit also included the additional channels like Senn Kreol and Bhojpuri Channel. The procedures behind their operation might not have complied with the rules. It is argued that these channels are being used for the promotion of certain artists.

On top of this, the MBC has accumulated debts reaching over Rs 1 billion.

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