MMM Troubles: Jean Claude Barbier, Joe Lesjongard & Steve Obeegadoo Input

Several changes have occurred on the Mauritian political platform this year, including in the lives of the personalities involved. As a matter of fact, the different political parties have been reorganising their rows since last year itself after many resignations and additions. This trend seems to be persisting among the MMM members.

Last week, Jean-Claude Barbier left the MMM. Now, rumour has it that Joe Lesjongard will follow suit.

Joe Lesjongard arrived in Mauritius yesterday morning, 23rd of February. It is said that he had not yet been in contact with the leader of the MMM. Nor did he attend the meeting of the party.

However, it is thought that he might have been in communication with Jean-Claude Barbier. The latter is accused of having organised a secret meeting, and he was hence suspended. He was allegedly going to submit his resignation today, but he had not yet done it, because,a ccording to l’Express, he was waiting for the MMM for take a final decision.

During a press conference today afternoon, Jean Claude Barbier announced that he has been ousted from the parliamentary group of the MMM. The news was communicated to him by the speaker, while no member of the MMM had relayed the information to him prior to that. He admitted being surprised to learn of the decision. He believes having been “expelled in a disguised manner”.

He said that he only heard of the news from the speaker when he went to the latter to discuss his ‘sitting arrangement’ at the Parliament.

He also explained that the accusation levelled against him, claiming that he had held a secret meeting, was fuelled by Veda Baloomoody and Arianne Navarre Marie. He has further denied this and challenged for anyone to prove it.

Additionally, he heavily criticised Paul Berenger. He described the latter as being an autocrat as opposed to a democrat.

Jean Claude Barbier also alleged being saddened at having been expelled because he had the “courage to speak certain truths” concerning the MMM.

He concluded by saying that he will now ponder over his political future.

Apparently, the MMM is having to face other issues as well. For instance, Steve Obeegadoo and Kavi Ramano refused a post in the management team of the party. But, the former states that he is still a “militant”. He has also claimed that Kavi Ramano also considers himself one. Steve Obeegadoo further said that the MMM has to acknowledge that it is not always right and that cultivating humility is necessary. He is of the opinion that the MMM has to reestablish its image and redefine itself, specially so because it is being viewed as just another political faction that would make any compromise and alliance to be at the head of the government.

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