Nandanee Soornack Acquired Italian Nationality & Staying in Parma

The Mauritian police is on the lookout for Nandanee Soornack. They suspect that she might have travelled to Italy with Rs 800 million in her suitcases. She is currently at Parma, an Italian city, according to the information provided by Interpol.

The Mauritian police has been trying to locate Nandanee Soornack since some time now. The assistance of Interpol was sought since Soornack had travelled to Italy last year after the proclamation of the results of the general elections. Much information has been gleaned relating to this case so far. The Mauritian investigators are currently following her movements closely via Interpol.

According to the investigation, she is at Parma, an Italian city. It seems that she has obtained Italian nationality after having invested in a real-estate market. She is suspected to have settled down in a villa in a Mauritian community of expatriates.

She is said to have travelled to Italy with a number of suitcases. After the shocking discovery at the ex-PM’s house, it would be little surprise that Soornack had suitcases full of money as well. The police is of the opinion that she has might have taken around Rs 800 million with her.

How could Nandanee Soornack have gone unnoticed with millions in her suitcases?

The Prime Minister had also revealed that Nandanee Soornack had access to the VIP Lounge of the airport 71 times from 2008 to 2014. Those obtaining this privilege do not normally have their luggage searched.

Furthermore, she might have enjoyed ‘special’ favours from Italian customs officers.

If these suspicions were indeed true, she would have gone unnoticed with millions in her luggage.

The Prime Minister also added that she has had access to the luxurious Lounge by unusual means. Actually, no official documentation of her using the lounge is available. Instead of going to the department of Home Affairs to get to the VIA Lounge, she seems to have had requests made for her from the Private Office of the ex-PM.

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  • Of course, Italian mafia disguised, with Soornack and her 800 million, no doubt she bribed these fockers for some ‘freedom’.

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