Naval Simulation Exercises Off the Coast of Port-Louis To Fight Against Maritime Piracy

Yesterday, 2nd of February, a naval simulation exercise was executed 13 km off the coast of Port-Louis. The naval programme, Cutlass Express 2015, was organised by the US Africa Command with the aim to promoting regional cooperation and transmission of information in the fight against illegal traffic across the Indian Ocean and East Africa.

Photo via Lexpress

Cutlass Express 2015 is to last for eight days. It involves simulation exercises relating to attacks against ships, search and rescue operations, together with aerial surveillance. It has gathered officials from many countries including the naval forces of Europe, South Africa, the US, countries of East Africa and of the Indian Ocean as well as some international organisations.

The operations were not limited to the sea. Some teams worked from the land to transmit information to the operation centers of other countries, like Djibouti and Italy.

Encouraging mutual cooperation is meant to be achieved by sharing strategies and learning from each other. For instance, each country observes closely the techniques employed by the others, and draws out lessons from them. The captain Rich Dromerhauser of the US Navy summarised the need for such cooperation by stating that we all speak the same language when it comes to combating maritime piracy.

Captain Rich Dromerhauser asserted that the human contribution involved is essentially important while the equipment needed only comes after. He also laid emphasis on the relevance of a global approach in today’s context, adding that piracy and other illegal activities cannot be hindered unless all parties cooperate.

Our local sergeant in charge of the Mauritian team of the National Coast Guard, Aldo Anna, affirmed that our country has a lot of potential in the field of maritime security.

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