Navin Ramgoolam’s Money-Laundering Case: Counting Exercise To Last For 2 More Days

The money counting exercise is currently being done at the headquarters of the CCID today afternoon. The exercise resumed at 16h00, after Navin Ramgoolam returned to the CCID, having spent the day at two courts of justice.
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1, 2, 3, 4, ……, 200 000 000! As a matter of fact, counting till such an enormous figure is tedious and time-consuming, an experience officers of the Bank of Mauritius are currently going through. The huge amount of money seized from the home of ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, has been estimated to be around Rs 200 million by the police. From what is apparent, their estimation might be pretty accurate. This would mean that the counting is not to end just now.

The bank of Mauritius officers have not yet completed the procedure of counting all the money. Counting machines are being used for the purpose. They have, until now, counted till Rs 15 million.

The Rs 15 million consisted of notes of Rs 2 000, Rs 1 000 and Rs 500, as well as US dollars. On top of this, Rs 5 million were also found on Saturday at the house of the ex-PM. This makes Rs 20 million documented so far.

According to police sergeant, Sanjay Nobin, the bank officers still have a long way to go. It might take two more days to settle everything; after the counting by the counting machines, the final amount will need to be confirmed by a physical counting exercise.

The counting exercise has started again today at 16:00, after the return of Navin Ramgoolam to the headquarters of the CCID. He had had to present in court earlier today.

Updates 17h00

According to lawyer Yousuf Mohamed, the counting exercise will extend till 17h30.

The estimation of the police who previously stated that the total amount of money could be around Rs 200 million might possibly not be as accurate. Recent reports state that the final total might reach around Rs 500 million. Sergeant Sanjay Nobin affirmed that there is still a lot of the work remaining and it appears that there is much more than Rs 200 million. This will only be confirmed after the physical counting.

Furthermore, a meeting will be held among the lawyers at the office of Hamid Moollan after 17h30.

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