New Hearing For Biometric NIC Court Case Scheduled For 25.02.15

While Maharajah Madhewoo had expected to have a verdict concerning the biometric National Identity Card (NIC) yesterday, a new hearing has been planned for the 25th of this month because Pravind Jugnauth is no more a plaintiff in the affair since he is the Minister of ICT.pravin-jugnauth

Maharajah Madhewoo was convened at the court of the justice yesterday 10th of February. He was informed that a new hearing has been scheduled for the 25th of this month. However, he had expected that the verdict concerning the biometric NIC would have been pronounced.

The reason as to why another hearing will be held by the end of this month is that Pravind Jugnauth is no more a plaintiff in this affair. As a representative of the State, having been nominated the Minister of ICT, he is now the one to answer to the complaint.

As a consequence, the defense has to review its strategy.

Maharajah Madhewoo added that Pravind Jugnauth had already spoken against the biometric card and has himself demanded for the destruction of the database. He had thus hoped to have the verdict pronounced yesterday itself.

He reiterated his opinion concerning the need to destroy the biometric card completely, maintaining his previous position relating to the matter.

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