Policeman Assaulted By Young People In Broad Daylight in Port-Louis

When police officers are assaulted by young people in broad daylight during their hours of duty when they are clad in uniform, you know something is terribly wrong with the society. Since Thursday, a video clip has been circulating on Facebook showing a policeman attacked by young men while the public around watched in bewilderment.


Image taken from a video clip shared on Facebook

 The policeman in question was posted at the Southern Exit, Louis Pasteur street, on the 11th of February. He was controlling the road traffic in that region. While doing his job, he made some statements with regard to certain young people who were crossing the road. The young individuals did not like the sound of what the policeman said.

According to the complaint of the police officer, three people were involved. They had not responded well to his instruction for them to wait before crossing the road. One of them had a verbal brawl with the policeman which quickly evolved into a physical one.


While members of the public including teenagers were watching the scene not wanting to intervene, a woman came forward and succeeded to separate the young man from the policeman. But, the pedestrian did not have enough. He attacked the police officer yet again. By that time, the latter and the woman who came to intervene were both trying to avoid being hit. However, another young man entered the fight and hit the policeman, followed by a third individual.


Other policemen came to the rescue. But, they were also assaulted.

The first policeman who was attacked thereafter had to go to the hospital because of the injuries he had sustained. He stated being able to identify the individuals who initiated the brawl.

The Trou-Fanfarron police force is currently searching for the perpetrators of the violence against the police officer. The video clip that has been recorded by one of the pedestrians present at the scene will hopefully help the police to locate the young people.

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  • I’m deeply shocked, attacking a policeofficer in the middle of Port Louis, just because he is doing his job.
    On this video, i can’t see any “adult men” helping the policeofficer, moreover his colleagues also assaulted.Is this the Mauritius we’re going to visit, during our hollidays ?
    I hope deeply and sincerely that these criminals will get what they deserve and at the same time that the politicians will do everything to support the police, to stop this outrageous performance of these troubled youths.

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