Roches-Noires Robbery: Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin Confirms Conclusion of 2011 Autopsy Report

The Roches-Noires robbery investigation continues. Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin who had performed the autopsy of Anand Kumar Ramdhony back in 2011 was asked to confirm the conclusion of the autopsy report by the investigators.
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Now that the police case has been reopened, many who are thought to have been involved in the affair revolving around the theft at the Roches-Noires bungalow of ex-Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam, have been questioned again, including police officers, and the doctor who carried out the autopsy on Anand Kumar Ramdhony whose arrestation has been linked with the robbery. The latter had died in prison, by hanging himself.

Following the death of Anand Kumar Ramdhony when he was locked up in prison on the 30th of July 2011, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gundagin performed the autopsy on the former’s corpse. The expert had thereafter concluded that the man had died from asphyxia. Yet again, he was made to comment on his statement of 4 years ago. Yesterday, 4th of February, he confirmed his diagnosis during an interrogation by the investigators of the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID).

Dr Gungadin affirmed that the interrogation lasted for 2 to 3 minutes only, relating that he only had to confirm the conclusions of the autopsy report that was published in 2011.

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