STC Strikes Cheaper Fuel Transport Deal To Mauritius Than With Betamax

The STC has revealed the different prices it has had to pay before the Red Eagle phase, and after.

Red Eagle, transporting fuel under the contract of the ex-government

The freight per tonne for the first cargo of the petroleum products from Mangalore will cost less than that during the Betamax/ ex-government contract times, according to the State Trading Corporation (STC). Normally, it would have been quite expensive for such trips since the STC had to urgently access the spot market.

Different types of fuel will be transported in different tankers. Petrol, diesel and Jet A-1 will be transported in one tanker, while others like 380 CST, 180 CC and 180 SR will be brought in another one.

The price per tonne will be around USD 27. The price amounted to USD 24 before the arrival of the Red Eagle, while it was around USD 31 per tonne for the three and a half years working with Betamax when the Red Eagle was used as means of transportation. The STC also revealed the total amount paid to Betamax for the three and a hald years: USD 121 million, with USD 34.5 million each year for around 1.1 million tonnes.

The STC sent out tenders for the three months to come. It is also currently preparing an international one for a contract of 15 months of what remains from the previous arrangements.

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